A Testament to Success

My wife and I came to Anita Pembleton with a broken marriage. No one had been unfaithful and no one had been looking for a separation. We were both lost and we were both hurting in our own way. It was a relationship that was formed eleven years ago and both of us were in college and had previously been dating other people. We moved to Panama City, Florida in 2006 and were married in 2007. The marriage, like many, had its extreme highs and its lows but it was nothing that we felt that we could not fix on our own. What we believed were the appropriate repairs to our marriage and relationship stayed with us through the next three years. In 2010 we welcomed our children, twin girls, to the family. For those of you that have children you know the stresses and the joys that having children can bring to a family. You know the impact that it can also have on a relationship.

Both my wife and I were skeptical. How can anyone listen to someone’s problems and fix them? We both agreed that we would give Anita a month and if we did not start seeing changes we would go elsewhere. She recommended that we each take a test concerning different aspects of our relationship. We both failed in every category. Never did we realize just how apart we really were. Anita stepped in and began to take each aspect of our lives and relationship in turn. She gave us homework and expected to see the results at the next session. Like a teacher who stands over a student, she watched vigilantly as my wife and I worked together to find the solutions to our problems. Anita gave us the tools to be successful and to understand the complexities of our marriage. Over that course of the next six months we began to see changes in both our relationship and marriage and it was for the better.

If you have come to Anita thinking that she has a magic wand and will instantly make your relationship, personal issue, or broken marriage normal again you are going to be in for a very long and likely disappointing road. The effort must come within the individual or the couple that are seeking the counseling. You must be willing to use the tools that she will give you. Her method worked for us and it can work for you too. It will also take time. You must be willing to dedicate the time to this if you want to be successful. Anita Pembleton is a wonderful person and hope that you allow her to change your lives. It will be worth it.

-Thankful for Anita 2016

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