• Self Development Programs

    Anger Control Workshop

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Understand the short and long term effects of anger (2) Recognize different types of anger in themselves and others (i.e. passive and aggressive anger). (3) Reduce negative coping skills for anger (i.e. violent or abusive behavior, drugs, alcohol, etc.) (4) Increase positive coping skills; (5) Practice using these positive skills with feedback and affirmation.

    Stress Management Workshop

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Increase knowledge and understanding about stress and its long and short term effects on the body, mind and spirit (2) Increase and practice positive relaxation skills (3) Learn to analyze and rethink our stressors (4) Increase ability to reduce their exposure to stressors through positive communication, creative problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

    Nutrition And Fitness For Life Class Segment

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) To increase knowledge of behavior modification techniques and how it can be used to change eating and fitness habits (2) To understand how our self-talk influences our behavior and how to change our self-talk (3) To practice stress management and relaxation techniques.

    4 Lenses Temperament

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Discover why you do what you do and understand others better.

  • Family Programs

    Family University

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Inform and educate parents, teachers and professionals about communication and problem solving techniques; (2) Provide up-to-date information and skills training for issues regarding health and safety, single parent, protecting the child from abuse, discipline, blended family, ADHD, and increasing parental confidence.

    Family Wellness: Survival Skills For Healthy Families

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Strengthen family relationships. (2) Develop Practical Skills For Family Living. (3) Enable individuals & families function supportively (4) Empower families and promote healthy communities.

    Family Wellness: Survival Skills For Healthy Christian Families

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Strengthen family relationships. (2) Develop Practical Skills For Christian Family Living. (3) Enable individuals & families function supportively (4) Empower families and promote healthy communities.

    Family Wellness: Survival Skills For Healthy Christian Families

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Strengthen their marital relationship (2) Validation in their experiences as a stepfamily (3) Enhance their skills for adjusting to change (4) Improve their knowledge of legal and financial issues in stepfamilies (5) Better define family roles (6) Enhance their communication skills in the family and in co-parenting relationships (7) Understand and be able to use conflict management skills.

    Blended Families / Stepfamilies

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) To identify and examine tasks that lead to successful blended family living.
  • Marriage / Relationships

    Dating Violence: "What You And Your Teen Need To Know"

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) To gain an awareness of dating violence in teenage couples; (2) To understand the dynamics of peer pressure, self esteem, role expectations and media influences on teens today in relation to dating violence; (3) To recognize dating violence in all its forms – physical, sexual or emotional; (4) To understand what is needed in a healthy, positive relationship; and (5) To learn about resources available and how to get additional help or refer friends for assistance.

    PREP and Christian PREP Couple Workshops

    PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) is one of the most comprehensive and well respected divorce-prevention/marriage enhancing programs in the world. PREP is a skills and principles-building curriculum designed to help partners say what they need to say, get to the heart of problems, and increase their connection with each other. PREP Workshops are designed to be fun and educational, they are NOT therapy sessions.

    7 Habits Of Highly Effective Marriages

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Learn the principles of marital effectiveness, embodied in 7 habits and learn the advantages of having a marriage based on natural governing principles. (2) Learn the organizational elements necessary to truly making marriage and family a priority such as regular calendaring together, dating, scheduling meals together, and incorporating traditions, etc. (3) Learn how to balance work and marriage obligations.

    Married And Loving It: Communication Class

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) How to speak and listen effectively. (2) How to handle finances. (3) How to deal with anger effectively, (4) How to resolve conflicts effectively, (5) How to effectively make decisions in a marriage.

    The African American Marriage Enrichment Program

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Strengthen family relationships. (2) Developing practical skills for family living. (3) Enable individuals & families to function supportively (4) Empower African American families and promote healthy communities

    Marriage University

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Understanding Martial Communication. (2) Helping Your Partner Understand You. (3) How To Fight Fairly. (4) Understanding Romance – How Important Is it? (5) Getting a Grip on the Mars & Venus Saga. (6) God’s Way to a Fiery Romantic Marriage (7) Mars and Venus in the Bedroom.

    Sex & Romance In The Biblical Marriage

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Discovering God’s view of sex and marriage.
  • Parenting

    Active Parenting For Teens

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Learn and practice positive parenting skills (2) Gain cooperation from teens and avoid common conflicts (3) Learn valuable information on how to address critical issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, teen sexuality and violence.

    New Parent Skills Reinforcement Program

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: Support and educate families during pregnancy and their children's early years (birth to age 3) – a critical time in child development. Increase family resilience through a variety of programs and activities by way of a network of services creating support linkages among the families and community by sharing information.

    Preparation For Parenthood

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: To increase knowledge of newborn behavior and increase skills related to newborn care.

    ADHD Parenting

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Reduce the child abuse and neglect rates of ADHD children. (2) Teach parents new methods of teaching ADHD children. (3) To teach parents new methods of coping with ADHD children, including stress management and stress reduction.

    Attachment Disorder And Child Development

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) To assist in transforming lives of families & children with attachment, behavioral and emotional disorders and promoting healthy family relationships. (2) Teach parents how to cope with attachment disorder children, including stress management and stress reduction. (3) To children to understand and make adjustments in behaviors

    Effective Parenting Skills Seminar

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: To provide knowledge-based instruction to parents in two-parent and single parent households. To teach parents methods of coping with the responsibilities of their role, including stress management and stress reduction.

    Parenting Program Active Parenting (1-2-3-4 Parents)

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: To increase knowledge and support for families experiencing dynamic changes of early childhood development.

    How To Be A Better Father

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Strengthen bond with children. (2) Enhance relationship and communication skills with teens.

    Stress - How To Help Your Child Deal With Stress

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) To increase knowledge, awareness and understanding of a child's stress and how and why they experience it differently than adults. (2) To increase knowledge of various stress management techniques, including physical, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, etc. (3) To increase skills for teaching children to manage their own stress.

    Bringing Baby Home

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Strengthen bond with your baby. (2) Enhance the couple relationship with a new baby.
  • Seniors

    The Second Half Of Marriage

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: (1) Increasing the bond of marriage after children are gone.
  • Teens

    Choices For Teens

    GOALS & OBJECTIVES: To teach life skills in the areas of: Values, Understanding Yourself, Personality Development, Emotions, Peer Pressure, Communication, Positive Dating, Stress and Anger Management and Charting the Future.