Community Support Programs


The “We Care for Poverty” program is a backpack program. This program will be focusing on improving academic achievements by providing nutritional well-balance food to underprivileged children. Our aim is to provide a range of food, for low income school age children, whose families are unable to provide nutritional meals
on a regular basis.

The goal of this program is to help insure that these children will have something to eat when they go home on the weekend; as well, as school breaks. APFLEC will provide a year-long supply of nutritious food for children
when school lunch and breakfast is unavailable on weekends or school breaks. Each backpack will contains food for the weekend. All food is nonperishable and provided to children free of charge.

It is our hope these resources will support the health, behavior, and achievement of every student that participates. Priority will be given to the first 30 students returning the form to their teacher.

Interested in donating food? Please view our list of suggested backpack items. Thank you!


The “Nutrition for Success” program targeted at low income families. The program will teach families how to prepare nutritious meals for their families. The program which will focus on both physical activity and healthy eating with a goal of improving academic achievement.

The objective for the “Nutrition for Success” program is to provide guidelines, information, and implement educational program to provide healthy eating practices for students. Families participating in program will be
able to take home products used to prepare meals demonstrated. Each week attending parents will be entered in a drawing to receive a gift basket at the end of the program. Gift baskets will be awarded to parents attending the most sessions.

Special gift given to parents attending all sessions.

NOTE: For more information or questions, please contact Ms. Maria Jackson, Project Coordinator at (850)763-8100.

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